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Techgeekx specializes in TV installation, TV wall mounting service, television hanging services. Smart Homes have Smart televisions & entertainment equipment. These provide more features than ever before this has, in turn, made them more complicated to set up in order to get the best performance and enjoy the advanced features.

The Flat Screen TV Set Up Service is suitable for all makes, models, and sizes of television, ideal for customers who need assistance unpacking and setting their new TV up with all the other AV equipment like the SKY box, DVD player, Free view, Sound System etc.

Mounting your flat screen to the wall will not only remove unwanted clutter but also free up precious space to give you a clean, aesthetically pleasing room.

Many flat screen TV buyers launch into installing a wall mount TV as a DIY project, only to realize that they've bitten off more than they can chew. It's easy to overlook how involved a TV wall mount installation can be. It requires specialist skills and specialist tools, which not everyone possesses. Let techgeekx do that for you with perfection.

Our technicians are highly trained and carry the correct installation tools required to safely and securely wall mounts your TV.

At Tech Geekx, we help install and secure your TV mounting bracket on proper wall studs, and then safely mount your flat screen on the wall bracket. Our technicians come with all the necessary hardware and cables required to complete the installation.

Have you consider before
TV wall mount

  • You can only use AV cables for installation that meets local building and fire codes

  • You cannot route your TV's power cable through the wall as it is not safe for in-wall installation

  • Before cutting into a wall, you have to ensure that the area behind it is clear You have to turn off the power in the area you'll be drilling or cutting to avoid electric shock

  • Before you connect AV cables to TV, both TV and the source component (for example the DVD player) should be unplugged

  • See to it that the new mount is capable of not just handling the TV's weight, but at least 4 times more weight. So, if your TV weighs 25 kilos, the mount shouldn't budge at 100 kilos. This may seem like over-the-top until a child trips and grabs the TV on his way down. Most flat screens weight between 20-70 kilos; so buy your mount accordingly.

  • Prior to purchasing a wall mount, inspect your wall. Measure how far apart two studs are from one another. Most swivel mounts are perfect for studs which have a distance of 16 inches. There are some which mount onto 14 inch spaced studs. If the studs are more than 20 inches apart, consider other options like cabinets as that will save you from expensive wall modifications.


Offices / Commercial Buildings

*Every job is unique for Ceiling mount installation, especially for commercial applications. Therefore, on-site assessment is usually required before we can provide you with a quotation. *On-site assessment fee is $100 & you get $50 credit towards the installation (as long as the labor portion of the bill meets or exceeds $250 before tax) when you are ready to proceed with it. It usually takes about 1 hour or so for the assessment to be completed.

Base Price Starts from $350. *Wire concealment is extra. Cost varies depending on the structure & a material of the ceiling. On-site assessment is usually required. *If possible, please provide us with some pictures (more the better) before booking the on-site assessment. If there's drop ceiling, take pictures above the ceiling tile and send it to us.

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